about us

"POP-UP Art Shows"

the start of our pop-up gallery


A small group of ambitious, motivated, multi-talented artists got together and created an art event called “Six Artists, Six Hours, Two Days”. The event is inspired by the great salons of the past, where artists and writers and thinkers would gather to listen to new ideas and motivate each other with art and great conversation. Salons can be made anywhere and happen spontaneously—just like its modern day counterpart, the pop-up store: temporary, happening venues for showing and selling cool new stuff. Both salons and pop-ups serve as host to people keen on sharing something they think is really important in a lightening-strike kind of way.

We have created our salon in the warehouse of founding member and fellow artist, Stephen Martin.  Located at 206 Elm Street in Amesbury, Mass, Gallery at 206 will host art events at varied and unexpected times throughout the year. We are dedicated to offering the widest, most innovative art, installation and multi-media expressions that we can find or make ourselves. Our goal is to provide a lively, exciting venue for art to be seen, discussed, cussed at, interpreted and generally wowed over—as well as a gallery in which patrons, buyers, collectors and of course the installment-paying art lovers can buy some beautiful art.

Gallery at 206